Is brand Tesco on the ropes?

D2 Creative - Is brand Tesco on the ropes?

It seems to be the way of things to knock people down rather than look at the positive achievements. I’m all for reality but I have to disagree that we are all driven by price. The one lesson that we should have learned from the horse meat scandal is that if you pressure manufacturers to produce food to the cheapest price the unscrupulous will always seek to cut corners.

Price is indeed a factor but quality of produce and freshness are equally important – there’s no point buying cheap food if it is going to go off the next day and you have to throw it away – not such a bargain now.

I think that Tesco is a victim of its own success. Having grown so big it now finds it difficult to react to the fast paced change that consumers demand. With more and more of us shopping on line Tesco’s key objective has to be to keep itself relevant to consumers. Giving consumers more reasons to visit stores may yet prove to be exactly what they want, one thing is for sure, they will not shop solely on price alone.

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