First look at Invision

D2 Creative - First look at Invision

D2 have only been using Invision for a short time but already we realise its potential benefit to our web design work-flow. The ability to quickly mock up websites from photoshop/jpeg files, with click-able links,enables clients to easily visualise our design concepts. The intuitive collaboration and feedback system has also proven useful in the pitch and presentation stages of client interaction.

Our first experience with Invision involved creating a fully functional mock up and wire-frame for a new web design pitch, enabling the client to see clearly how the site would look and function within a web browser. This meant communicating the transition between wireframe and design, and our thought process in the initial stages, was made much easier.

With the help of Invision we were able to deliver a professional pitch which resulted in gaining a new client. We will continue to use Invision throughout the project and are looking forward to seeing how its other features will benefit the design process. The liveshare and live feedback features in particular look like they could be very helpful, something which before would have required timely face to face meetings or numerous back and forth emails can now hopefully be handled remotely, meaning less time is wasted and the client will able to communicate new ideas and amends much quicker and more effectively.

The full potential of Invision to our company is yet to be seen, but from what we’ve experienced so far, it seems like it could be a valuable asset.

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