Exeter Fertility up for prestigious award

D2 Creative - Exeter Fertility up for prestigious award

D2 creative’s re-brand and subsequent interior refurbishment of the Royal Devon and Exeter fertility clinic from PCRM to Fertility Exeter has been put up for a BBH award by the client.

D2 Creative - NHS Re-Brand Fertility Exeter

‘The award will recognise an outstanding therapeutic space that enhances the overall experience of patients, staff and visitors through an effective approach to interior design.’ BBH

‘This important annual event celebrates the innovation, architecture, people, products and services that are helping to transform patient care. The Awards will take place on 2nd November 2016 at The Brewery in the City of London.’BBH

D2 Creative - NHS Re-Brand Fertility Exeter

In June 2014, the purchase of a private IVF service by the Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust resulted in two teams coming together, aiming to enhance the patient experience by creating a unified team to care for patients seamlessly throughout their fertility journey. A project to reconfigure the clinic environment was undertaken to support the merger and to improve the delivery of patient care.

D2creative was commissioned with two key objectives: to design a new brand and to renovate the clinic interior; thereby creating a shared identity based on the values and holistic approach that staff take to patient care. Staff, patients and key stakeholders participated in a series of workshops to help develop the brand; providing opinions and feedback on the first design concepts through to agreeing and implementing the design.

D2 Creative - NHS Re-Brand Fertility Exeter

The resulting brand, image and its treatment within the centre, website and literature portrays a clinic that is focussed, modern, caring but most of all passionate about helping people at all stages of their fertility treatment.

The reception area has been transformed by opaque graphics of images and statements of staff values and motivation while providing privacy for both staff and visitors in the waiting room. The redecorated entrance corridor is a bright, welcoming area with replaceable washable posters on countersunk Perspex and stainless steel poster boards leading to an elegant reception area. The waiting area is now a neutral, relaxed space with two-seater sofas emphasising the support for both partners of a couple. Placing the main seating in the middle of the room respects the privacy and dignity of patients and subtly encourages the couple to look outward to their future, with or without children. The beautiful landscape image is a washable/wipeable graphic transforming the entire space without the need for costlier interior decoration and plants. The image was chosen to draw people into the landscape and away from the feeling of being in a waiting room.

D2 Creative - NHS Re-Brand Fertility Exeter

The innovative rebranding, new shared identity and environment has facilitated the successful unification of two teams and ultimately shaped one team motivated by the same goals.

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