Designing for an evolving brand

D2 Creative - Designing for an evolving brand

A couple of years ago, D2 created a new brand identity for fitness based company RecoverFit. Founded by professional footballer, Ryan Brunt, it started out selling items that aid professional athletes and amateurs to recover after a fitness work out. It has now evolved into a multi brand company offering different products and services within the fitness sector.

Companies evolve their business to adapt to changing markets all the time. However, creating a new brand to enter into a different market can be tricky and has an extremely high failure rate. Not wanting to lose the audience that RecoverFit had already created, a brand extension strategy called ‘umbrella branding’ was used. This involves selling related products and services under a single brand name, in this case, ‘FIT’.

D2 Creative - FIT Be Better

CryoFit (specialising in cryotherapy to aid recovery) and TrainFit (a state of the art functional training gym) along with RecoverFit, now sit under the new parent brand ‘FIT Be Better’. D2 designed identities for all the new brands that kept to the same style that RecoverFit’s existing customers would be used to. This puts a strong structure in place to maintain and add new brands should they be required in the future, without sacrificing the existing loyalty they have already created.

D2 Creative - FIT Be Better

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